When you place an order please put the file name on - this can be found by pressing “I” in the photo gallery to retrieve the picture’s information.
E.g. If you want to buy the picture with the name 14-06-04-025 you would write

Picture ID: 14-06-04-025

The types of format that the picture in question can be delivered in will be displayed in the information under the picture.
Pixelution use following formats.
Jpeg. RAW (8 Bit + 16 Bit). Tiff (8 Bit + 16 Bit)
The pictures will be delivered in 3072 x 2048 Pixel ( 32,51 cm x 21,67 cm 240 Dpi ) ( 26,01 cm x 17,34 cm 300Dpi)

16 Bit only possible with RAW

Information about Pixelution’s bank account will be sent upon receipt of an order, the ordered pictures will only be delivered after the full payment has been received.

Delivery of the pictures will occur after payment is received and can be done following ways:

Downloaded from a FTP server to which Pixelution will grant the customer individual access.

Contained on CD/DVD sent by ordinary mail. For expediency products can be shipped using FedEx or UPS, but this additional cost will be charged to the customer's bill.

In regards to the pictures, you can choose from either the original version or an edited version (it will normally be the edited version that is displayed unless otherwise stated).

A. Pictures are the sole intellectual property of Carolien Stuhr. The sale of goods only extends to the right to use the picture as agreed.

B. The pictures can ONLY be used as agreed.

C. The buyer must send a specified description of what the pictures will be used for, if possible including examples.

D. The photographer’s name must be clearly displayed in all instances of public use.

E. The responsibility for any wrongdoing or legal or financial losses are not the responsibility of Jannik Stuhr or Pixelution.

F. Pixelution or Jannik Stuhr cannot in anyway be held accountable in any way, directly or indirectly.

Copyright Notice

The materials on these pages are for personal use only. Pictures may not be used or reproduced in any form without the express written permission of Carolien Stuhr.
Any wrongdoing will be reported to the police, or other relevant authority.

Sinserly Pixelution